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Listen To… Dracula’s Guest as audiobook

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Listen to Dracula's Guest audiobook by Bram Stoker

Perhaps you’ve just started on Pocket Doodle Read’s thrilling edition of Dracula’s Guest by Bram Stoker? We really hope you’re enjoying the exciting mix of creepy reading and creative doodling. If you love the story as much as we do you might also be looking for somewhere to listen to a Dracula’s Guest audiobook.

We took some time digging about to find a favorite, listening to various readings that are available out there. There are some great versions around, including a wonderful (but abridged) reading for the BBC which occasionally turns up on iPlayer Radio – if you can get that. We also enjoyed a good creepy one that you will find on YouTube by G.M. Danielson’s Horror Vault. Our pick, and the one we particularly recommend for its tone and clarity, is a reading by Robert White. Robert has released it through Librivox, and you can enjoy it here now via YouTube (below).

Listen to Robert White’s excellent reading of Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’s Guest’ here.

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