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Romeo and Juliet: The Full Doodling Edition (Doodle Through Shakespeare)

Romeo and Juliet Doodle Through Shakespeare Edition
US $9.49, UK £7.49, from Amazon

A new way to enjoy reading Shakespeare’s most popular play, Romeo and Juliet.

This unique interactive book contains not only the full play text with annotations to help understanding, but also lots of
themed doodling prompts with space to write, scribble, draw, snip and stick stuff. Boost understanding and aid recall.

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Cover of Read + Doodle Book 1: Sherlock Holmes A Case Of Identity, Lamb's Shakespeare A Midsummer Night's Dream, Dracula's Guest, The Mark On The Wall

Read + Doodle Book 1 The Daily Story, Doodling & Coloring Book
US $12.80, UK £10, from Amazon

Quick daily reads, 4 classic authors, and fun themed daily doodling & coloring.

Inside this full color book you’ll find four enjoyable short stories, each told in five bite-sized daily episodes. Every episode has an inspiring part-finished page full of irresistibly entertaining doodling prompts, designed to get you drawing right away.

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Available at amazon
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Inspiring Reading. Creative Doodling.

Inspiring Reading. Creative Doodling.15 Rewarding Minutes Each Day

Love reading, but always busy?
Crave some space for creativity and want to break away from your screen?

Our Read + Doodle Book helps you find precious time for both. This handsome paperback contains four inspiring short stories each divided into 5 daily episodes for a quick once-a-day read – Then, pen ready, there’s a fun and engaging daily doodling and coloring page themed around each episode. Go wild, there’s no right or wrong way to doodle.

Perfect for that coffee break moment, or your daily commute.

Where have the Instant Download Printable Products Gone?

We’ve decided to discontinue sale of the digital versions of our Doodle Reads to concentrate on our printed books for the current time. We are in the process of updating our web site to reflect this change, but for now you may still see publicity photographs featuring the old instant download versions of our products. Our new paperback book ‘Read + Doodle Book 1’ is a collected version of the four titles previously offered as Instant Download Printables. Customers with download accounts can continue to access their purchased files at any time. The printed book version is now available to buy from Amazon.

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  • Hath Romeo slain himself? Say thou but Ay,
And that bare vowel I shall poison more
Than the death-darting eye of cockatrice.
I am not I if there be such an I;
Or those eyes shut that make thee answer Ay.
If he be slain, say Ay; or if not, No.
Brief sounds determine of my weal or woe.
Juliet can't resist a pun or two!
Doodle Through Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet.
#shakespearequotes #shakespeare #williamshakespeare #loveshakespeare #shakespearetheatre
  • ☀☀☀☀☀ Five days of inspiring reading from Virginia Woolf, with five days of themed creative doodling and coloring.
📓Virginia Woolf's 'The Mark On The Wall' is one of four fantastic stories in our 'Read + Doodle Book 1'.
15 creative minutes every day.
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  • Doodle your way through Romeo and Juliet & ♥ love Shakespeare! ♥
Each of the five acts come with their own page of useful cut-outs and markers. Snip them from the book, add some color, then have fun finding a perfect spot within the play to stick them in. Make it your own.

Find out more from our profile or doodlereads.com
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  • 💥 Customize, doodle, write, color, draw and stick.  Our new 'Romeo and Juliet Doodle Through Shakespeare Edition' is a new way to enjoy reading Shakespeare. Make it your own! 💥
Find out more at doodlereads.com. Available from amazon now.
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  • Read, Doodle, Write, Scribble, Draw, Snip, Stick ♥ and LOVE Shakespeare ♥
Doodle Through Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet
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