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Our Mission

It started with this simple thought.
Inspiring Reading. Creative Doodling.

We believe that everybody needs a little space for personal creativity in their lives.
That’s why at Doodle Reads we strive to create quality engaging books that are designed to be doodled on, scribbled in, customized, decorated, cut-up, stuck in, and fully enjoyed. We love the enjoyment of reading, culture and art, but we also love the ‘doing’ of doodling, drawing and making stuff. And that’s how our books work.

There are no rules, no experience is necessary, just enjoy!

Nigel Hayler

About Doodle Reads

We are proud to be a small indie publisher with big ambitions. Doodle Reads is based in the historic city of Lancaster on the edge of England’s beautiful Lake District. Founded in 2017, we design and publish mainly paperback books, usually with an emphasis on culture and interactivity. We always love to hear from our readers, so feel free to get in touch with us here.

Indie Publisher Nigel Hayler, Founder of Doodle Reads

Nigel Hayler Founder, designer & publisher

Nigel Hayler is a graphic designer and illustrator who works from his studio in Lancaster, England. He originally trained in Theatre and Costume Design. After several years designing for the stage he gradually refocused to work as a graphic designer. He went on to be a lead designer for London-based publisher Dorling Kindersley, and several other design companies. Nigel has freelanced successfully for many years, and is now running a proud indie publishers called Doodle Reads. He brings his unique slant to creating accessible and enjoyable interactive books, delivering his passion for making the rewards of creativity-time available to us all.

Debbie Stubbs

Debbie Stubbs Outreach and Engagement

Debbie Stubbs loves to doodle, and also loves helping to bring out the creative potential in others.

Her broad experience includes consultancy work, multi-disciplinary research, engagement and impact management for UK Research Council projects at Lancaster University, and Directorial positions at two arts centres in south east England.

She has an unrelenting passion for the arts and creative industries, and enjoys seeing others inspired whilst participating in new cultural experiences.

We love where we work... Drawing of The Storey Lancaster