Free Romeo and Juliet Pocket Guides — with Summary, Characters, & Themes

A fun teaching resource for the classroom or at home. Download, print out and fold.

Looking for an inspirational Romeo and Juliet teaching resource? We have produced these free mini study guides with doodling worksheets to accompany our unique book ‘Romeo and Juliet: The Full Doodling Edition‘. These pocket study’zines include a scene-by-scene summary, an outline of the play’s characters, its themes and symbolism, and a blank fourth zine ready for you own inspired creation. Flip each open for a hands-on worksheet with fun doodling.

Romeo and Juliet Study Guide, Free pdf to download and print at home or school
Romeo and Juliet Doodling Book a perfect teaching resource
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It’s easy – download the PDF and start right away (the download link is below). Simply print it out at home or at school. The colorful pages fold to create 4 mini booklets with a cool storage pocket. Firstly, they are perfect for exploring Shakespeare’s most tragic romance. Use them if you are going to see the play for the first time. They are also great if you are studying it at school, or have a Romeo and Juliet homework assignment. Alternatively, maybe you simply love the play so much you just can’t put it down!

Make reading Shakespeare a visual and tactile experience too

Reading Shakespeare is a difficult challenge, but really enjoyment can be had! The ‘Doodle Through Shakespeare’ approach aims to mix imaginative visual and tactile experiences into the process. As a result, you can get hands-on with the books: draw, scribble, write, and stick stuff. And so, make it your own. People love Shakespeare around the world – understand why!

Fun Romeo and Juliet classroom activities

These study’zines — mini companion guides — are free. Anyone reading through the play will find them a useful and fun supporting resource; they are also particularly valuable alongside our book ‘Romeo and Juliet: The Full Doodling Edition’. You will find they make an excellent and engaging Romeo and Juliet classroom activity, collecting and folding each booklet, with the bonus of fun doodling and an origami pocket to store them. You require no glue or staples. Just a single snip, and folding fingers! We’ve included easy to follow instructions.

Romeo and Juliet free printable PDF character guide and summary

Download your Romeo and Juliet mini study guide (PDF) today!

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