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English Literature Digital Notebook Editions for Goodreads and Notability

Student Notebook Editions Perfect for English Literature GCSE and High School Grade 9-12
In Paperback Book and in Digital Format for Notability, Goodnotes, and other good note-taking apps on iPad and tablets

Studying English Literature is a breeze with Doodle Reads Student Notebook Editions. Make notes directly alongside the full book on both the paperback and nifty tablet editions. Includes summaries, workbook, planner, and notebooks. Perfect for GCSE students, high school grades 9 to 12, and teachers too.

Frankenstein Student Notebook Edition Paperback


The Book Lover's Doodle Journal - The perfect creative book lover's journal

The Book Lover’s Doodle Journal Celebrate your love of books
US $9.49, UK £7.99, from Amazon

The perfect place to express yourself and your love of a good read!

This fun illustrated creative activity book is packed with inventive ideas to celebrate and record all the things you love most about books. Doodle, write, scribble, color, and stick.

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Doodle from the Masters: Your Gallery of Famous Paintings with Ready-Made Practice Drawings to Sketch, Draw, Copy & Color. Book cover

Doodle from the Masters A gallery & sketchbook rolled into one
US $9.99, UK £7.49, from Amazon

Get inspired and take a fun sketching trip to your own big-name art gallery.

Hone your creative talents doodling, sketching, coloring & drawing under the inspiration of great artists. Unique ready-made foundation drawings help you concentrate freely on your drawing and mark-making skills, without the need to worry about composition or proportion.

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Romeo and Juliet: The Full Doodling Edition (Doodle Through Shakespeare)

Romeo and Juliet Doodle Through Shakespeare Edition
US $8.49, UK £7.49, from Amazon

Are you finding that reading Shakespeare is hard? — This book makes it fun.

This unique edition of Romeo and Juliet contains not only the full play text with annotations to help understanding, but also lots of themed doodling prompts with space to write, scribble, draw, snip and stick stuff. Boost your understanding and aid your recall.

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Cover of The Merchant of Venice Student Notebook Edition with other editions seen behind.

Student Notebook Editions (Print) Ten great classics of Literature
Available from Amazon

Get the print editions of our latest range – perfect for students of English Literature.

Choose from:
A Christmas Carol • Great Expectations • Frankenstein • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde • Macbeth • The Merchant of Venice • Much Ado About Nothing • Pride and Prejudice
(Digital editions also available)

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Cover of Read + Doodle Book 1: Sherlock Holmes A Case Of Identity, Lamb's Shakespeare A Midsummer Night's Dream, Dracula's Guest, The Mark On The Wall

Read + Doodle Book 1 The Daily Story, Doodling & Coloring Book
US $11.49, UK £9, from Amazon

Need some creative ‘me time’? Quick daily reads with fun themed doodling & coloring.

Inside this full color book you’ll find four enjoyable short stories, each told in five bite-sized daily episodes. Every episode has an inspiring part-finished page full of irresistibly entertaining doodling prompts, designed to get your creative juices flowing.

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The Shakespeare AI Art Book Cover

The Shakespeare AI Art BookPaperback: US $17.99, UK £12.99
Sorry, currently out of print

Each of Shakespeare’s plays reimagined as art created by nascent artificial intelligence

The Shakespeare AI Art Book is a thought-provoking experiment from the nascent days of artificial intelligence, human creativity, and art. This vivid, colourful, and engaging book explores the potential of artificial intelligence to both create, as well as inspire, new art.

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Doodle Through ShakespeareHow we make reading Shakespeare fun!

Don’t be put off reading Shakespeare any more, our
Doodle Through Shakespeare books make it captivating, fun and personal.
They’re designed to be drawn on, scribbled in, doodled through and colored in. Alongside each page of the play you’ll find engaging illustrated doodling prompts plus plenty of space to record your thoughts. There are lots of helpful notes too, each explaining Shakespeare’s words and meanings.
Watch this flip-through video to see how it works!

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A free Romeo and Juliet printable character and study guide PDF

Freebie Printable Studyzine!The perfect partner for your copy of ‘Romeo and Juliet: The Full Doodling Edition’

We have produced these free mini Romeo and Juliet study guides with doodling worksheets to accompany our unique book ‘Romeo and Juliet: The Full Doodling Edition‘. These pocket study’zines include a scene-by-scene summary, an outline of the play’s characters, its themes and symbolism, and a blank fourth zine ready for you own inspired creation. Then flip each open for a hands-on worksheet with fun doodling. Download yours from here.